General Terms and Conditions

The Uniform Conditions of the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) can be consulted. These are binding for everyone who uses our services. In addition, on this page you will find more information regarding the prices displayed on all our websites and the cancellation policy.

Displayed prices
All prices shown on the website "" and all printed publications and advertisements of Gr8 Hotels are exclusive of city tax and any surcharges.

Cancellation policy
For (online) hotel reservations up to 10 rooms per reservation, no fee will be charged for cancellation up to 24 hours prior to 14h00 on the arrival date. If you cancel after this time or if you do not arrive (no-show), 100% of the reservation value will be charged.

Your room reservation is guaranteed until 20h00 on the day of arrival. If you arrive later, we advise you to inform the hotel reception in time. Cancellations must always be confirmed to us in writing.

Our prices
Booking your hotel room or package directly through our website offers several advantages:

  • All prices include breakfast
  • No reservation or administration fees
  • Easy and fast booking
  • Reservation through a secure connection
  • Pay safely directly via IDEAL or credit card
  • Reservation possible without credit card

Gr8 Hotels is not responsible for any fines or other expenses that may result from cancellation of reservations or errors in pricing by third parties.

Gr8 Hotels reserves the right to amend or withdraw this guarantee at any time without giving reasons.

House Rules

It is prohibited to:

  • Take hotel property outside the building. In the event of deliberate damage to hotel property, the perpetrator/booker will be held liable for repairs and/or renewal costs.
  • Consume, use, trade or carry narcotics. Violation of this will result in removal without any right to a refund.
  • To cause inconvenience to another person in or around the hotel, including through loud music, obnoxious behavior or noise of any kind. The perpetrator/booker can be held liable for any damage and claims submitted by third parties.
  • To occupy the room with more than the number of people reserved.
  • Smoking inside and from the rooms or public areas of the hotel. If you do not comply with the smoking ban, a fine of € 250.00 will be irrevocably charged to the perpetrator/booker, in addition to any additional costs for cleaning and repairs of the rooms or public areas to make the hotel 100% smoke-free again.
  • Sabotage/cover fire detectors. Malfunctions and discovery thereof will irrevocably lead to a fine of € 250.00. This fine in the context of causing unacceptable danger to third parties in connection with a malfunctioning fire alarm system. If the fire alarm goes off due to smoking in the room, Gr8 Hotels can also charge you for all consequential damages in addition to the fixed smoking fine of € 250.00. This in any case includes the call-out costs of the fire brigade of € 500.00 and other claims from third parties as a result of the nuisance caused.


In the event of a violation of the house rules, Gr8 can charge you directly for all costs incurred for repairs, cleaning, removal and all consequential damages.

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